The Penalty Kill Project is Expanding

I wasn’t expecting to receive such a positive response yesterday when I released an update on the data I’ve accumulated  and the analysis around it on the Calgary Flames penalty kill. That along with a late night discussion about more teams being tracked has brought this project to a point already where it is time to expand.

Expanding this will hopefully provide a data set that could give way to more analysis, future projects, the ability to breakdown barriers with more education content for fans, and god knows what else. In reality this is one among many larger barriers unfortunately in place that impact fans, both casual and devoted.

So with that, let’s make this an open call to anyone who is interested in systems analysis – specifically the penalty kill – and see what we can dig up through a season of tracking. This will be vital in making systems and strategy concepts digestible for everyone who loves this game.

At this point here is the current list of trackers who are involved or indirectly involved:

Team Tracker Twitter
Anaheim Megan meggo1532
Arizona Mitchell Pichosky Pichosky
Boston Shawn Ferris TheShawnFerris
Buffalo Ty Biedron tyBuffalo
Calgary Mike Pfeil mikeFAIL
Chicago Sean Wentzell SeanWentzell
Colorado Kelsey Kumpula SparkleTindi
Columbus Elle EastSideElle
Dallas Tyler Kelley DocKelley41
Detroit Prashanth Iyer iyer_prashanth
Edmonton Ryan Gallivan CharmingGrump
Los Angeles Andy Pucktails
Minnesota Tonny Abbot OhHiTony
Montreal E M anyembutme
Nashville Viking Westman VikingMelon
New Jersey Gia SinglePrayer
New York Islanders
New York Rangers Shayna Goldman hayyyshayyy
Ottawa Colin Cudmore CudmoreColin
Philadelphia Charlie O’Connor charlie_oconn
Pittsburgh Wolfram Ott WolframOtt
San Jose Sie nowyousieme
St. Louis
Tampa Bay David Iwanowski diwan1
Toronto PDWhoa PDWhoa
Vegas Jacob JacobJacobouski
Washington Derek Wass dawass24
Winnipeg Tristan Bran TristanBran

So if you’re interested please let me know in the comments below, message me on Twitter (my DMs are always open, or just @ me), or email me at A reminder that all data collected from this project is 100% publicly available.

9 Replies to “The Penalty Kill Project is Expanding”

  1. Wolfram Ott says:

    Hey Mike. About how long does it take to track? I would think less time than a full game, right? I would love to do the Pens depending on the time it takes.

    • Mike says:

      Hey dude!

      I usually take 15-20 minutes in some cases for each PK, but I’m usually rewatching for things. The only game state I’m really curious about is 4v5. I sorta picked the short end of the stick with the Flames’ penalty woes. Having Shiftchart and the PBP data open as well helps. At least 5-10 minutes, at max 15-20 is what I figure.

      • Scott Coulthard says:

        Hey Mike,

        I’m really interested in helping out with this project for the Canucks. Twitter is @scottycoulthard. Let me know if there’s room for me to join in.

        • Mike says:

          Hey dude, I’ll prepare some material as I promised and have everyone so far involved; and everyone curious about joining to read through. I’ve got you on the short list, just need to sort out some others still!

      • Wolfram Ott says:

        That sounds pretty doable.

        I have never seen Shiftchart before, and I am not sure I lived without it.

        What sort of turnaround time are you looking for? Next day? Couple of days?

  2. Derek Mahlitz says:

    I’d be interested in the Carolina Hurricanes, do you provide guidance/tools for data collection?

  3. Nick Vazquez says:

    Hey Mike, I’d be interested in helping out. I’d like to track the Kings but I’d be able to fill any void if there was another team you needed.


  4. Jason Baik says:

    Mike, I am interested in tracking Vancouver. However, I don’t have time right now as I’m a college student. I do have lots of time during winter break (12/17~January), so I would be available then.

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